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You are not lazy! (Part 2 of 2)

There is no such thing as "lazy". Do you agree?

Or do you believe that "being lazy" is just a part of "who you are", a part of your identity?

If this is you, then, I have some news to surprise you...

You may indeed do lazy things my friend, but in reality, there is actually no such thing as a lazy person :)

Want to discover the real reasons you don´t feel like, or sometimes struggle to get stuff done?

Read on here, to discover more ... (For reasons (1-5) see part 1) .

6) You forgot the essential ingredient ! (Its nothing to do with capability or motivation)

This is the most surprising reason, and the one that is most often totally overlooked.

Nothing happens in the world without an external prompt.

We always need a trigger to instigate an action. Yes, that´s right I said ALWAYS.

Everything you do is actually triggered by something else that happens just before it, from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to sleep.

Think about it for a moment and you will realise that I am right.

TRY: Attaching an action that you would like to do more, to one of your existing regular habits. Or using a visual reminder right in the location where you need to do the task, in order to provide an action trigger and reminder.

I really recommend checking this missing ingredient first, before looking at any other reason for not getting something done. I think the result may just pleasantly surprise you.

7) You are expecting miracles.

Let´s imagine your body is a car, and your goals are represented by the destinations that you want to get to, in your car.

If you want to be certain that you will get there, then you will need to make sure that your car is in a good enough condition to travel the distance.

If your engine is faulty or you don´t put enough fuel in the car then how likely are you to arrive safely and smoothly at your desired destination?

TRY: Here are some things you may need to check if you want to really feel like you enjoy doing more in your life.

  • Check you are getting enough sleep (at least 7 hours plus a night)

  • Check you are eating healthy foods and not expecting to feel great and have energy to do things, whilst living on junk food all day long, starving yourself or feeding yourself a poorly balanced nutritional diet

  • Check you are hydrating enough

  • Check your alcohol levels or other vices which will deplete your body of natural energy. They may alter your body chemistry, turning it into a negative, demotivated soup

  • Check you are exercising or at least mobile and moving and walking about for at least 20-30 minutes a day, to activate positive brain and body chemical reactions and to put your body into an energy burning mode.

8) You have been setting yourself up to fail.

Your environment can be everything when it comes to getting things done.

Are your surroundings helping you to want to do the task?

Remember that energy takes that path of least resistence, if you have obstacles and distractions in your way then you will imagine it all being harder than it is in reality.

How can you make practical improvements to set your self up for success instead?

Are your time limitations realistic or have you set yourself an impossible task?

TRY : What could you add to your environment to make it more pleasurable, and what could you take away to minimize difficulty or distraction?

Can you come up with a plan and implement it, in order to create the ideal or close to ideal environment to get things done more easily? Creating a space you love to be in really helps you want to start doing things in that space.

9) You have no accountability set up that works for you. What does work best for you to keep you going?

Once you know and recognize what works best for you, you can put a plan in place to set this up. As much as we like to believe that we are self driven, it really helps to have some outside encouragement from time to time. Begin by working out what type of accountability helps you the most.

TRY: Maybe you work better with self-imposed deadlines, calendars and schedules, or maybe you just need an accountability partner to check in with each other on your progress. Whatever you need give it to yourself to help you keep moving and follow through with tasks.

10) You are making tough work of it all.

We cannot motivate ourselves to want to do something with negativity towards that thing.

If you have created a situation inside your mind where you are viewing activities as “work” and a “struggle” then you will naturally feel repelled by them.

You need to keep life´s activities under the point where it begins to “feel” like work, wherever possible. This means changing tasks frequently and attending to all the points listed here so that you can feel driven towards tasks instead of away from them. Sometimes taking baby steps that feel easy, in order to gradually build a habit or activity will be far more effective in the long term, than trying to add complicated or challenging new tasks.

TRY : Stop BEFORE you get bored of an activity. Make sure you are walking away from it at a point where you are still enjoying it and if not, be careful what you tell yourself about it when it´s finished.

Don´t think “thank god that´s over”. (This reinforces a negative feeling towards the task which will make it harder in the future)

Think “wow that went well, look at how productive I was, how I got it done or how proud I feel for doing it.”

If you would really like to stop procrastinating to get more done in your life, and would like to enjoy the whole process much more, without a struggle, then contact me, or register for one of my fun workshop series.

You can book to join in my next series "Get stuff done" which activates the skills and abilities that you need and allows you to practice REAL LIFE changing techniques, mind training exercises and discussions to enable you naturally enjoy doing much more to manifest your own dream life.

I am a hypnotherapist and I have some magical ways to help you reprogram your thoughts, feelings and mindset around this topic.

You can enjoy participating in 4 workshops (one each week) and at the end you will have all the skills and tools you need to be able to enjoy having a much more productive life.

Spaces are always limited so don´t delay.

Make this the one thing that you don´t procrastinate about doing, and the rest of your life will become more enjoyable and easier, as you unlock your own natural ability to enjoy getting stuff done 😊 See you soon !

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