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You are not lazy! (PART 1 of 2)

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Read on to uncover the 10 top, REAL reasons that you may not always feel like getting stuff done.

Some of these will definitely surprise you :)

The real reasons you don't feel like getting stuff done
You are not lazy !

1) You know "why" you need to do stuff, but just aren´t feeling it enough.

We can often know or understand the reasons that we need or want to do something but we are just emotionally detached from that reason.

Our emotions are the essential energy that drives us along.

They are the fuel we need to get somewhere and to turn our ideas and thoughts energy into REAL physical actions.

In order to spark enough energy to get things done, we need to emotionally connect with our reasons for doing that thing in the first place. Without it, it can be like trying to start a car engine with a flat battery!

We usually need to define the outcome much more specifically, so that we can feel it in our whole body.

One way you can do this is by writing down and defining any goals.

TRY : Journaling as if you have already achieved this goal, to imagine what it will REALLY be like to have that successful outcome.

2) Your "why" is based on some sort of external praise and recognition. Or is based on fear of what happens if you don´t do it.

Wanting and needing are two very different things, don´t you think?

If you are not doing something for the love of the actual doing, but instead, looking towards and waiting for it to be over, or doing it simply in return for some externally based reward, then the task always becomes a natural struggle.

All energy flows along using the path of the least resistance, water flows downhill, electricity takes the easiest path, and the same is true with us.

If something feels hard we will naturally move away from it rather than towards it.

If you are externally motivated you are simply asking water to flow uphill, you may have a pump to help it at first, but it will eventually flow back down again, as soon as your motor stops working.

Find a way to seek out enjoyment in the task itself. A good way to do this is to be fully present in an activity, while you are doing it, rather than wishing you were elsewhere, hoping for it to end, or sending your mind wandering off somewhere else.

There are many ways to find enjoyment for yourself inside any task.

To enjoy the doing rather than rushing it through it to be done.

TRY : Can you think of how to make each task that you do feel more like fun?

3) You are simply feeling overwhelmed by what you have to do.

Do you feel overwhelmed because you are imagining the task being too difficult in some way?

Perhaps you feel incapable of doing it somehow, and this triggers discomfort inside, or perhaps you feel there is just simply too much to do and so you are paralyzed and avoid that discomfort by not doing any of it at all.

The secret is to break it down into actionable steps and define them more clearly in your mind.

TRY: Ask yourself how could you make it easier?

Again journaling can help with this.

Notice what emotion you feel when you imagine yourself about to start the task.

Is it anxiety or fear?

You can explore your beliefs around this in more detail and work out what is it that drives this feeling, how true is that belief, and what could be more true?

4) You are afraid that the outcome will not be good enough.

Or that you will feel like a failure or that others will judge you in a negative way.

Be much kinder to yourself here, because these are natural feelings that everybody encounters.

You can overcome this by assessing your view of the task less as a win or lose scenario, and more as a way to obtain feedback, which will gift you a new way to improve each time.

We all know that sometimes people give feedback based on good or bad intentions, and yes, it can hurt to feel criticized, but do remember that any judgment is about the work, not about you as a person.

You can make a game out of looking for something inside their feedback so that you can use it to improve whatever task you are doing, rather than focusing on any critical intentions or perceptions.

TRY: You can also begin to focus more on what you have to offer the world with each task, and what you gain from doing it yourself, rather than being externally focused on what others will think.

For instance, I am focusing here, as I write this, on the important message that I have to give to you. Some of you may love this article and some of you may hate it, but at the end of the day, my intention here is to share this important knowledge with you, so that you can also take any part of it you need and use it to help yourself enjoy life more.

Focusing on this helps me be brave enough to let my own ideas live.

5) You are not bringing the right energy to the task.

Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors form a triangle, so when we change one, we are able to change them all.

Often we may wait to feel different before we act, and yet we forget that we can instigate change in those feelings by doing more first.

Start and just see what happens. You can always stop if you aren´t improving.

We can use techniques to create the right mindset in ourselves to begin tasks, you just need to work out which energy and mindset are required and then recreate this before beginning the task at hand.

If you enjoyed reading this and found it useful then stay tuned for part 2 of this article, because number 6 on this list may be a big surprise. It is something you need to consider with all tasks if you want to be consistent at moving. Without doing this ALL our intentions to do things fail.

Also, I have a wonderful, 4 workshop series beginning in March 2021.

4 x 90 Minute workshops, where you can learn how to get out of your own way and achieve anything in life that you desire.

We will explore your own specific personal challenges and formulate a productivity strategy and thought process that works just for you. We tackle all of these challenges listed here and much more, as well as reprogramming your mind, using an array of both conscious and unconscious techniques.

I will help you to begin to love getting much more done in your life, even if you thought you didn´t feel like it :)

See this link now for further details of how to book and join in with us.

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