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"The Anxiety Breakthrough"

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Revealing 15 SURPRISING Reasons & Roadblocks that Stop You Shaking Off Anxiety, Excessive Worry And Self-Sabotage. 


Strategies, solutions, journal prompts and action steps to help you to start to break free. ❤

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Finally understand some of the things that may have been holding you back on your own self help journey, start to feel more hopeful and more empowered as you learn exactly what to do to help yourself to overcome anxiety !!

Discover : 

  • How some of the self-help work you might be doing may actually be  making you even MORE anxious not less.... And read some tips on what to do instead 

  • How handling the symptoms of your anxiety is not always enough to set yourself free and what you need to change in order to do this

  • Why you can't seem to stop being "stuck in your head" and what to do to be able to come out of it more easily

  • Why it’s NOT your fault that you can’t control your fears and physical reactions right now, and what you CAN do today to control your mind and body so they begin to work in harmony together again

  • How your well intentioned friends and family may actually be holding you back from recovery and how to address this straight away

  • How your own obsession with getting over your anxiety can sometimes be the very thing that has been self-sabotaging you and keeping you locked in to your cycles of negativity, anxiety or depression 


And So Much More....


Would you like to belong inside a SUPER SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY where it's Ok to just be your vulnerable self?

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"This was such an eye opener, so many of these things I was doing without even realising it"

Lillian, Mallorca

"I really enjoyed the journal prompts, they got me thinking about some things that had honestly never even crossed my mind before"

Alex, Uk

"Thought provoking and really helpful, I was feeling like I was broken until I read this book"

Nicola, USA

"This was so easy to read! I loved the metaphors all the way through, they made it simple and easy to understand all the concepts"

Jenny, UK

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"Anxiety Breakthrough"
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