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Want To Feel Safe & Smile Again?

The Ultimate Anxiety Cure


This is a wonderful rapid change program that is fully designed to set you free and to allow you to start living more of the life that you really want.


I am here all the way through, to nurture, encourage and support you on your journey. 

Together, we focus on six key areas that will reprogram anxious feelings, thinking loops, and behaviours and get you safely and more comfortably "doing" your way out of your anxious habits.

This powerful treatment package includes weekly one-to-one personal sessions, held over a 3 month period, with each one directly targeting and reprogramming your anxious feelings, thoughts, and self-sabotage behaviours.


You can find and enjoy some instant relief, as you realize that you are not alone, and can feel fully supported and nurtured throughout the process.

I have a vast wealth of experience tackling anxiety, from the inside and out, as I am fully trained and specialized in anxiety relief, not only with my private clients but also having previously cured myself and my household of this miserable condition. 


Together we will practice and utilize a whole range of highly effective and powerful techniques, all with evidence-based results that have a basis in neuroscience and psychology and are all scientifically proven, to accept, relieve and heal your anxiety, to make it a thing of the past. 

This intensive treatment includes a personal session with me, held online from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world, or face to face at my practice in Mallorca Spain.


Sessions are usually held once a week or every two weeks, depending upon your individual progress.

Suitable for all types of anxiety, such as;

  • general anxiety

  • social anxiety,

  • anxiety-based addictions & addiction recovery,

  • phobias, 

  • performance anxiety,

  • unwanted nervous habits and behaviours,

  • O.C.D.

  • perfectionism & procrastination

Sessions are usually 60 - 90 mins long, and I am also available for support in between, for short check in´s via what's app or email, and for personal progress reports or emergency help.  

You will also be given some simple and effective behavioural or reflective activities to practice between our sessions, and your rate of success will very much depend upon you being as honest as possible with me from day one, as well as your dedication to helping yourself, in collaboration with me, both in session and in your approach to the home activities that I do assign for you each week. 

If you would like to chat with me about this program and get to know me a bit more, you can click the link here and book in for a complimentary 15-minute call, so that we can assess together what you need and see if this is a suitable plan for you and your needs. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon


Warm regards


Pippa :) 

Stabilisation & Safety

Discover some instant relief and stability, as from the very first session, you will begin to learn simple, powerful ways to diffuse & interrupt overwhelming, anxious feelings & thoughts.

As you discover easy ways to build these into your life and we also begin an exploration of how you are "doing" your anxiety, (triggers, scope & the parameters of your issues). 

We will get you off the problem path and onto the solutions path instead. :)

You will leave the very first session already feeling hopeful and most likely already noticing a sizeable emotional or behavioral shift. 

Hopeful Future Construction

Creating hope and beautiful expectations of the future. Here we apply powerful techniques to dispute and replace your catastrophic thinking habits and adjust any faulty filters, as you will learn to use your imagination in a much more helpful way. 

We will also be examining behaviors that have been hindering your recovery and ones that you can start adopting that will build up your own capability and confidence to start "Doing" your way out of your anxiety. You can be excited to start making actual life changes and feeling proud of what you are achieving. 

Awareness & Nowsensing

Uncovering the best strategies to nurture and grow a better awareness of both yourself and your environment.


You will learn and master easy techniques to practically apply directly to your life. 


With practice, and in a short time, you will become more able to consciously control & direct your momentary awareness (how, where, and when you focus) so that you are able to recognize, notice, and swap your unhelpful observations, experiences, and habits for much more helpful ones instead.

Symbolism & Mind


Symbolism & recoding of your mind. Shifting your internal dialogue and voice and looking at your external expression of self. The language you use and the way that your mind codes your world, your issues, your goals and your desires. 

 Creating new, helpful symbols & calm and confident states of mind.

Intentionally cultivating flow, positive emotions, engagement, supportive non-toxic relationships with healthy boundaries, meaning, and deeper connections in your life. 

Memory Perceptions

Through both enhancing and utilizing your memories, we can explore any underlying causes of the issues and alter your perception of memories, so that you can use them in a more helpful and resourceful way.

You can unlock your own inner resources to heal past wounds and feel more confident and calm.

When we discharge the emotional glue that is holding trauma, you can move on from feelings that may be at the root cause of your anxiety, and begin to love yourself enough to feel capable & whole once again. 

Self Love & Self Care

We will be addressing self-care and self-value throughout the program, building more belief in your capability and self-worth, and value. We will look at missing needs and any areas that you find troubling or that you may feel need addressing on a more attentive level : physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, financial care, professional or self-growth activities. 

We will formulate the best self-care plan for you and an effective and personalized maintenance plan to move forward with, once your sessions finally come to an end.



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