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Are you ready to stop worrying, hiding and avoiding doing things in your life?

This 6-month online group transformation program is for you if...

  • You often struggle to sleep at night, or wake up worrying and can´t seem to find your brain´s off switch

  • You overthink things constantly and second guess and doubt yourself and your past actions

  • Your thoughts tend to go to the worse case scenarios, and you become easily stressed about many things in the future that might not even happen

  • You struggle to make decisions and then often find that you can´t stop worrying about whether or not you actually made the right choices

  • You wake up feeling exhausted each day and often dread doing all of the things that you know you need to get done 

  • You feel like everything has to be perfect and can get so overwhelmed by the pressures of getting things right, that you can feel too paralysed to know where to start 

  • You wish you were brave enough to try more new things in life, because you feel like you are avoiding many things and missing out on so much

  • You feel lonely and different and like people just don´t understand how hard things are for you sometimes

  • You often feel insecure about your skills or your appearance and feel that you are being judged unfavourably by others

  • You feel like you need extra support and that nobody gives you the unconditional love that you need

  • You tend to people please and put others first, mainly because you want everybody to like you or you feel too guilty to say no to people

  • You hide most of these feelings from the world because you feel like you have to look invincible in your profession or within your relationships with friends and family

The good news is that you really don´t need to live this way. 


Join me and our supportive community to enjoy a full 6 months of both live and recorded interactive video calls, powerful group sessions and easy transformational exercises that will give you real experiences to change the way you feel, think and act in your life. 

Sprinkled with hypnosis and love, to do things the easy way, this interactive group program is self-paced and includes membership to our online, private community where you will feel supported and encouraged as and when you need it the most. 

Enjoy interactive video experiences and meeting with me live for trainings, and begin to enjoy doing your way out of your anxiety. Feel like you are being hugged and led all the way through the process, with the chance to ask me any questions you need.


Or you can catch up with the recordings and connect with others to practice using the techniques together as often as you like. 

I am here to support and guide you all the way through the program and you will have lifetime access to the learnings and process, so you can keep on coming back to it any time you may need to in your life.  

YES Please!
I want to apply to enjoy this life-changing 6 month experience 🥰 

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