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Are you wondering... what is hypnotherapy ?

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Have you ever experienced the joy of a hypnotherapy treatment?

If not, then I wonder, what could be holding you back?

Perhaps you are uncertain about hypnosis in some way or feel like you don´t really understand how it works?

This is totally understandable, after all, there are so many myths about hypnosis. (To read more about these see see my blog - uncovering the myths about hypnosis)

At least 85% of people who try hypnotherapy, do experience positive results, and this is often where other treatments have already failed. Aren´t you a curious to know a bit more?

Hypnosis is a beautiful experience, where you can enjoy a wonderful level of relaxation, whilst at the same time being fully absorbed inside of your own imagination. Similar to a daydream, or the type of immersion that you can enjoy experiencing, when you are reading a really great book, or watching a 5 star film on Netflix. Did you ever experience this?

You know… you are sat in your living room, and fully aware that you are sat on your sofa, just watching actors on a screen and yet… you can somehow suspend your belief long enough to really enjoy all of those entertaining moments inside of that film.

And when you are really enjoying it, you may find yourself being drawn, right into that story, feeling like you want to give the screen your full undivided attention and often totally forgetting that it is all make believe. You naturally laugh loudly, along with the funny parts, and when it gets to the sad bits, you may even find yourself reaching for a tissue and blinking back tears, as you allow yourself to feel all those emotions, that the film producer wants you to experience.

You can do all this and yet, you do know that you are in full control at all times, and in fact, you can only enjoy becoming fully absorbed inside of that movie, when you choose to give it your all and decide that you want to get lost in there. You also know that you can pull away from it anytime you decide to make a cup of tea or pop to the loo. You know that you are not stuck inside of that experience in any way.

This is just like the wonder of trance. As a clinical hypnotherapist and a personal mind trainer, I help people have much more of they want in life, move out of stuck places or learn to enjoy life, experience and do more and to love to play like a child once again. Together, we harness the beautiful power of trance, which is ultimately, a much more rapid way to get to the very heart of our desires.

Does this sound like something you might like?

In the end, everything we do is a simple series of thought and behavior loops, and our lazy brains try to automate as much of this as possible. The learning we do unconsciously always becomes more effortless and easy.

Think about tying your shoelaces, for example.

I bet your hands could do this automatically, much quicker than your mouth could explain to me how to tie that shoelace? Am I right ?

We do so many things unconsciously, blinking our eyes, breathing in and out, brushing our teeth, swimming or playing an instrument, even driving our car (!) And although, at any given moment, we can decide and choose to do these things more consciously, and override our autopilot, when we stop paying attention to the effort of doing them again, our unconscious mind simply takes over the task for us once more.

It´s job is to protect us, to look out for us and it will always do this as best it can, but sometimes this is more in its own way, which does not always fit in with our more conscious desires or needs. Our past experiences can accidentally program an unhelpful process which is not serving us in our day to day life. I know you will remember days you that you have been in two minds about making a decision, or wanting to do something for your own benefit but feel like a part of you sabotages this or derails you from your preferred path.

With 95% of everything we do in our life, being unconsciously driven and operated, we all need to ask ourselves, if we really want change, then how could we possibly achieve this without needing to change things right there, on that unconscious level where the processes all begin?

We can use hypnotherapy to overcome so many unwanted habits and challenges as well as using it to evolve our creativity, sports, physical resilience and endurance and to naturally enhance our performance ability in so many key areas of life. When we engage our own incredible imagination and emotions, and use them to directly communicate with the more unconscious parts of our mind, we can more easily achieve some remarkable shifts. Hypnosis, allows us to gently and safely reprogram and retrain those more automatic thinking process, to better suit our everyday needs.

The processes and techniques that we use in clinical hypnotherapy are tried and tested by neuroscientists, psychologists and medical professionals, with proven efficacy and fully scientifically backed, evidence-based results. When you collaborate fully and enjoy and agree to engage your own part in the process and techniques, they do not fail.

Does this sound interesting and perhaps like something you would value?

If you are curious to know more and experience the wonder of hypnosis for yourself, I am offering some complimentary taster gifts over December and January.

So please do feel free to select a gift from here, and just click on the link to book yourself in or visit my home page to see more about the help that I can offer, both online or in person in Mallorca, Spain.

I look forward to hearing from you soon 😊 Warm regards, Philippa

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