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🧠The Secret To Having Your Very Own GOOGLE Brain ✨

💻 I am sure you will have used Google to search for something before...

Maybe you even typed in "clinical hypnotherapist..." or "CBT Mallorca" and used it to find me... in which case, I am so happy you are here !!

🤔 Or maybe you are more of a firefox or bing person? Did you ever stop to consider the amazingness of how it really works? We type in a word or a phrase and the clever search engine goes through millions and trillions of possibilities and information, hunting to bring us the right thing… 🔎It´s brilliant how it looks for anything that matches your words and how it gives you those results based on what "it thinks" you are looking for…

So, this week, I´m going to share a story with you... It´s a very helpful story that you can share with your own family and it might help you to understand more about how your brain works too... 👽 Just imagine for a moment that an alien comes all the way to earth, and when she lands in her spaceship, she finds herself sitting in front of a computer. She doesn´t know what she is looking for but she begins to type random words into that little box.. Pushing the search button and just hoping for something important to pop out, something useful or relevant, and maybe an answer to a question that… Well, a question she hasn´t even really asked! 🙄 After a while though, she gets REALLY bored, because she can´t find anything she wants or needs. She is feeling upset with google, she believes it isn't working properly and even thinks that Google is "deliberately" making it feel difficult to get the information she wants. She wonders.... who on earth has made such a program? And she believes they are idiots because they didn´t design something that can give her what she needs. 😡 She gets so mad, angry and upset that she shouts at her computer and switches it off in a moody rage.... BUT then... After a while of being on earth, she begins to think about it a bit more.

She realizes that perhaps it wasn´t ALL google´s fault… Maybe she just wasn´t clear enough about WHAT she wanted… So she decides to try again and this time to be much more precise about WHAT she is searching for! She types “no shouting” and when the results came back, there are hundreds of websites all about shouting, but that isn´t what she really wants. So she tries “no problems” and this time she gets lots of websites about problems. She begins to get frustrated AGAIN but keeps going and types “tired out” and “stressed” and “anxious” “frustrated” and “lazy” and lots and lots of websites come up, but none of them have the things that she really wants. 🤯 Eventually, she starts feeling very mad again and she slams the off button in a fit of impatience and anger once more. Then she goes around complaining to all the earthlings that will listen, moaning about her problems and believing that there is just no help to be had... Until... 💡 Someone suggests a new and different solution to her, which is enough to give her some hope. And we all know how powerful hope can be! So she goes back to the computer and tries again - this time she types “peace, harmony, calm, love, motivation, relaxation, focus, energy…” and when she types in all the things that she really wants.... ✨ Guess what happens next? Google gives her all of those things and more. ⭐ So I want you to really think about this and realize that your own brain works just like google does…. If you keep typing in that problem... what do you think will happen? Whereas, when you go searching for the real solutions, instead of focusing on your problems... 🤩 Your brain notices WHAT you are paying attention to and will show you exactly what you really need instead!! Because I don´t know if you already know this or not... (sciencey bit coming up) 😲 You are receiving over 2,000,000 bits of information through your senses every second And yet... You are only "consciously" capable of noticing around 7 things (plus or minus 2) at any one time. 🧠 So your brain has to decide on your behalf... what really matters to you the most? It will literally filter, delete or distort your sensory input to fit in with this requirement. And how does it decide what matters to you the most? (you may be wondering) You have a special set of nerves at the base of your brain called the "reticular activating system" and these are designed to "tell" your brain what information around you is important and what you need to pay attention to the most. 🔦 So the way that you "feel" and whatever you pay attention to the most, out there.. or inside of your imagination, are the things that your brain uses, to decide what IS the most important thing for you to see and experience in the world around you. So if you are typing your "problem" into your search bar, your brain is always going to show you much MORE of this, not less! So with this in mind, I hope you can begin to see.... that knowing and setting intentions each morning for just a few moments, is a REALLY important thing to make time and space to do in your life. 💪 So today I´m suggesting that you create your very own universe search engine in your home and use your own imagination to power it... Attached is a pdf to download, print off and stick on your fridge - with some wonderful words & wishes to help to remind you daily and to inspire you… I like to use a whiteboard in our home on the kitchen wall for this sort of thing and I have our children change the words and ideas on there regularly. ⭐I also have “What else is possible?” written up there, because this is one of my favorite "brain google" questions for helping us move past some of those moments of black and white thinking and the limits that happen naturally to us, when we are stressed or when we have become over-focused on potential doom scenarios and worries. Click the button right here to download and print off your very own refrigerator "google brain search" cheat sheet that will give you a wonderful daily nudge in the right direction in life.

Whatever you are searching for... make sure you close your eyes for a moment and really imagine it happening for you.

This week I also have a second very special gift for you... ✨ It´s my 9-minute "miracle manifestation audio" which is specifically designed to calibrate your own RAS (Reticular activating system) to help you to focus your brain and emotions on what matters the most to YOU personally and to work out where you really want to go in life. Think of this as "programming your very own sat-nav" to help you drive and get to the places you want to go to each day. ⭐It´s very short but it will REALLY help you to operate your very own google brain, in the way that it is biologically designed to run, to give you a huge advantage in life. And if you bookmark or save it you can use this short audio as often as you like... 🥰I think you will feel great after listening too, because hypnosis and rapid change audios can have this powerful effect, of leaving you feeling fabulously amazing inside!! ⬇⬇⬇ JUST HIT THIS BUTTON RIGHT HERE TO LET ME GUIDE YOU THROUGH THIS 9 MINUTE MIRACLE MANIFESTATION AUDIO TO RE-PROGRAM YOUR GOOGLE BRAIN NOW :)

Lots of love and appreciation From Me (Pippa) xxx

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