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Why Can´t I Overcome My "Issues"? ⭐No. 2: "The mind & body divorce" PLUS magic "stress less" audio✨

Updated: Feb 21

The first part of this blog is a continuation from my last, where I began explaining and exploring some of the surprising obstacles that can stop us from overcoming our issues... 😳 Issues like anxiety, stress, burnout, overthinking and worry habits, insomnia, addictions and depression. The obstacles I am tackling in each of these blogs are the hidden things that can get right in the way of our recovery. (Even though we may be doing so much to try to overcome these issues alone.) Things like reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos... 🧠 Last time I talked about the limits of the human mind and the necessary steps that we all need to take, if we want to actually remember all the self-help stuff we are taking time to learn. And so this week... I am going to explain more abpout the "mind/body divorce". I posted a very short 3-minute video about this on my FB profile... which explains this concept in a very easy-to-understand way. So rather than explain it again here, I am sharing the link so you can watch it for yourself: 3 MINUTE Facebook video : CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT NOW And then once you understand this concept... You can start looking at more ways to practice and enjoy experiencing the full pleasures of your senses more naturally into your day. This will help you naturally be more capable of "switching off thoughts" (Listening to the birds in the morning, stroking the dog and enjoying the softness, eating slowly and fully tasting each mouthful of food, checking in with your feelings in your body more and more each day) 🥰 Because slowing down and FULLY feeling, seeing or hearing without judgements... can be so amazingly enjoyable. And this "attention-directing" activity is like a muscle that needs to be used regularly to grow stronger. 🧠"Nowsensing" (as I call it...) like this, changes the physical structure of your brain. So, why not take a few moments right now to think about ways you can start to actively build more of these micro-moments into your life? You can be as creative as you like here too....

The second part of this blog concerns✨ The Secret Formula To Turn Stress Into Success 🎁 The second part of this email is my gift to you. It is a very special 3 step process that is designed to turn your stress into success. Based on the research by Kelly McGonigal PhD and the scientifically controlled and proven experiments of Alia Crum, which used this method to change the mindset of half of over 100 test subjects. 👩‍🔬These were stressed-out employees who discovered that after just 3 weeks of using this technique, they were able to report much less anxiety, stress, and depression with huge improvements in their physical health. At work, they also reported that they began to feel more focused, creative and engaged and had changed their whole mindset about stress. ❤ This adaptation

of their work that you will find here on my cheat sheet, is based on the modern scientific discovery that stress is a natural bodily response and is actually designed to help us, motivate, enhance and assist us to be more successful and to thrive in life. And as an added extra... ✨ I have sprinkled in a dash of hypnosis and lots of love... To power up the effects...

Especially for you, my lovely To facilitate these rapid changes for you too... So click here to download the cheat sheet and start transforming your stress right now ⬇⬇⬇.

You will find the link to the magical audio inside the pdf. 🥰 I do hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to use it whenever you want to enjoy some instant stress relief and to help you move out of the stress mindset, and into a success mindset instead. ⭐ In just 9 minutes or less !! Handling stress more effectively is just one teeny weeny, tiny part of my exciting and fun group program that I am launching very soon....

❤ Create You Very Own Warrior's Heart.

"How to find lasting freedom from anxiety, insecurity and self-sabotage by reprogramming your unconscious mind to truly love yourself....

Without feeling overwhelmed or "forced" into things


Even if you are feeling completely alone right now"

It is designed to give you all the support you will ever need to make life feel easier ❤. 👏 This program is about actively "doing" many more of these types of exercises together, to cement our growth and learnings and for everyone to "experience" those deep changes on a real-life level.

⭐ I am only accepting 20 ladies at the moment (on the first round), and some of those spaces have already been taken... So if this is something that you think would be useful for you, then please don´t delay in sending in your own short application form too.


As I don´t want you to miss out on the opportunity to start to love yourself and your life more, let go of anxiety and stress and share our supportive journey together to take you from being a "worrier to a warrior". I'm still taking on one to one cleints for now, so if you are tired of trying to "do it" alone and you want to start a journey of helping yourself or your family in one-to-one sessions, then do feel free to book a complimentary 15-minute chat with me.

I believe that there is hope for us all xx And... I want to remind you that I am right here to give you further one-to-one attention and help, and we can talk more about what you need. Because...there are no awards for struggling alone by yourself.

🥰 I have already helped myself, my own family and so many others successfully... So if you do want to experience wonderful life changes too, I have many amazing tools and techniques from Clinical hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP & Mindfulness modalities all ready to help you to achieve the great things in life that you really want. But please don´t worry, if you are not ready to get help like this, then this is OK too ❤ I am going to be sending emails and creating blogs regularly again, full, as always of more helpful tips and advice. Lots of love and appreciation for you, my lovely I´m right here ready to support you, and I´m listening very carefully to what you need ❤ From Me (Pippa) xxx

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