Looking For The 3 Secrets Of Great Stress Management?

Can you recognize whereabouts you are on this stress curve? 🙄

If you are on the right side of the curve, then here is a little something to help you shift gears.

Moving away from exhaustion, anxiety, panic, or breakdown, and back into that sweet spot of sunny yellow productivity, (aka - the place where the magic happens) means being able to chase your dreams with gusto and passion and still have enough energy left to have fun at the end of your day! Here I am uncovering the magic formula for maintaining those optimum stress levels, as well as a wonderful short audio exercise, to practice stilling the mind, through the enjoyment of your senses. Why not practice switching off that troubling inner dialogue and "mind chatter" that has been stressing you out. 🤯 ✨The Magic Formula For Optimum Stress Levels = Self-Care + Self-Awareness+ Boundaries Read on to learn more about the recipe for stress success! 1) Self Care 🥰 This means taking care of your basic needs and engaging in activities that actively recharge your batteries instead of depleting them. To make sure you are self-caring rather than distracting yourself, check how you feel AFTER you have done an activity, rather than how you feel during.

Self-care leaves you with what I call a "positive echo" long after your activity has ended. Action Tip: Make a list of all the activities that give you a “positive” echo when they are over. Maybe it’s sports, or luxury spa treatments, or time alone reading, or it could even be doing something creative, social, or fun. Everyone enjoys different ways to recharge. The important thing is that if you have a busy schedule, don´t wait until you feel like you “need” to practice self-care, it is important to pro-actively program these activities into your day before it gets to the point that you find yourself becoming "stressed out". Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to handling stress overload. 2) Self-awareness 👀 Action Tip: Be sure to actively check-in with your feelings each day and ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • What is my emotional state today?

  • What do I need more or less of in my life?

  • What one thing do I really want to get done today?

  • What do I need to let go of?

  • What do I cherish the most in my life and how can I make time for this today?

Introduce more sensory awareness, mindfulness, self-hypnosis, or meditation into your daily life.

This switches off the chatter in your mind and puts all the cells in your body into healing, calming, and positive chemical bath (as opposed to the toxic bath of cortisol that stress creates). The more time you push your body into this calm state, the stronger you will become at having this as your default setting. Each time you practice silencing your mind in favor of enjoyment of your momentary experience of the present, it becomes like a mental push-up. 💪 ⭐ Here is a fantastic “now sensing” interactive exercise for you to practice having fun with this process. This 5-minute audio will take you on a magical tour of your hand in a way that you never experienced before.

⭐Click the image right here ⬇ to enjoy listening to this short recording, whenever you feel the need to switch off those thoughts.

I do hope you enjoy this sense-ational experience :)

By practicing more mindful awareness of your needs and your feeling energy, you can use your senses to place yourself firmly into the "now" moment, where you can more easily unhook yourself from unhelpful thoughts, overthinking, ruminations and stress. 😌 “The hand experience” - is a technique used in both mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy. You can listen to this whenever:-

  • You can´t switch off your brain

  • You feel negative about life

  • You are overthinking or ruminating about the past

  • You are worried about the future

  • You are feeling or showing symptoms of stress

  • You want to get better at mindfulness practice or meditation You want to experience calm inside

  • You want to ground yourself in your senses

3) More Assertive & Helpful Boundaries! 🖐 Boundaries can be challenging for all of us at times, and many of us are often not very naturally good at these, due to the way we may have been raised as children. Most households do not encourage a direct and assertive form of communication and actions from children, and many of us were raised in households that leaned towards a more passive-aggressive style of communication.