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Rapid change hypnotherapy Mallorca

CBT & Clinical Hypnotherapy in Mallorca and Online.

Do you want to talk? I am here to listen and to help...

I understand that you may be going through a challenging time.  

Arriving here, and reading this right now, means that you are already taking your first steps towards transforming your life. 


I believe that with the right help, we can all be empowered to overcome our challenges and discover the motivation we need in order to move towards the life that we really want. And... I already fully believe in you and your ability to do this.

Every challenge has a solution, and I am here to help you find the courage and tools to help yourself so that together we can uncover your solutions.


I provide a totally confidential and safe place where you can open up, unfold, and be supported as you pursue your own endless possibilities so that you can really start living, not just surviving. 

I use various up-to-date talking therapies and customized and hypnosis sessions, both online and in Mallorca, and I have already helped many people like you. The techniques that I use produce evidence-based results, founded in or supported by research and neuroscience, and proven to be effective, time and time again.

Hypnotherapy allows us to go as deep as we need to go so that we can experience rapid transformations, and in combination with positive psychology and solution-focused therapy and techniques, it becomes possible to achieve amazing results. To learn more about what hypnotherapy is, read my blog post. (What is hypnotherapy?)

I am a fully qualified, insured and registered practitioner of Clinical and Conversational Hypnotherapy (Uk certified), Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, NLP, and Mindfulness techniques. I am also a fully certified Sleep science coach. 

All of the treatments that I offer are designed and integrated to be uniquely structured to help you. 

Trained by one of the NCH´s leading colleges, as well as being a fully insured member of the guild and member of both the IAPCH and UKHC, you can expect one of the highest standards of care available.  My solution-focused therapies are always fully centred around you and your needs. 

Freedom starts within ourselves, and my goal is to ensure that you have all the tools you will ever need to evolve, transform and start living the life you truly want.

Philippa Jolley, Dip. Hyp, Ba (hons), Dip. CBT, NLP. pract,

MUKHC & Mindfulness Pract.


Which therapy is right for me? And how does talk therapy actually work to change me and my life?

Which therapy is right for me? And how does talk therapy actually work to change me and my life?

This is a very quick overview of how we can all begin to experience positive life changes, using powerful tools such as hypnotherapy, CBT, and Mindfulness. Therapy and life coaching can offer you amazing support really help you to make important changes in your life. These techniques can be safely used to tackle everything from everyday stress responses, insecurity, anxiety and anger management, to addictions, phobias and traumas. This is "Pippa's human experience model" (my very own art work -lol) and I use this to help you to see how we humans work, from the inside out, in a very simple and clear to follow way. if you do want to enjoy an online session or to come in to my practice here in Mallorca, then do reach out and we can talk about how I could help you. You can book in right here for a complimentary 15 minute chat or even directly for a session. : or alternatively email me directly from my website I specialise in helping my clients find anxiety freedom, stopping self-sabotage behaviors and building up self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-love. I also offer a completely tailored one to one hypnotic life coaching package that takes you through a whole 10 months of amazing transformations and gives you continuous support to achieve your very own big career, relationship or health goals in life. Hope you enjoy this little video :) Lots of love from me

Rapid transformation is possible with Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,
Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Mindfulness Techniques


Scientifically backed statistics report that 85% of people experience positive results from hypnotherapy, often where all other treatments have failed.

So whatever you want to be or to do, I can help you to get there faster, with a rapid transformational program.

I provide professional, help and all the tools that you need to reach your goals.  My treatments are designed to help you overcome your struggles, from anxiety, addictions, or phobias, to family and relationship issues or enhancements, to a more positive or challenging milestone of success, an improved level of sports performance, or lifting of creative block that you wish to achieve.

With rapid transformational treatments,  you can notice a difference after only a few sessions. Throughout the process, I am here for you, to listen unconditionally, without judgment and to care about helping you through to the other side. We can work together to make your life look the way that you really want it to be.


Do feel free to reach out to me, contact me today for more information or to set up an appointment for a free fifteen-minute call - so we can see if we are a good fit for each other.


Let´s get talking. ❤

Client Testimonials

What They’re Saying

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Are you looking for rapid change?

My teenager had been experiencing extreme anxiety and panic attacks, she wouldn’t leave the house and was afraid to go anywhere. After meeting with Phillipa on zoom several times she is now able to go out for walks and drives and has a normal sleep schedule, I couldn’t be more grateful! She said she felt like she came out of a long coma. That her issues were like a yellow sticky note with scribbles, then the problem got smaller and became blank with room for doodles. She felt lighter like things could get better and that overcoming challenges makes you feel good!

Chantelle (Loving mum of 4 children)

"31 Years Bulimia... Finally Recovering!!! 

Phillipa has been a massive help to me, I've had different types of therapy over the years but Phillipa has a unique approach. 

This special lady will make you feel at ease as soon as you meet her.  She always helps me with coping strategies that work for ME outside of our sessions. 


I've spent a lot of money and time before on different therapies that just felt like talking really. I felt stuck. 


Almost like... OK great we've talked, and I feel better, but what do I do now??.... 

And then within a couple of days there I would be, lost again. 


And that's when it all went wrong for me, until I started seeing Philippa.

Go see this amazing women ASAP." 



Christina (Sales Executive)

"When I first saw Philippa I had been diagnosed with depression and every day was a struggle. On a good day I felt numb but on most days I felt raging with anger or twisted with worry inside. Sometimes I didn´t even want to get out of bed.  
After a few sessions with Philippa things really changed, she helped me realise how much I had been blaming everyone else for my problems and she taught me how to get stronger and feel much better about myself again. I was able to take action to sort my life out and make some really important changes to reclaim my relationships.
She taught me how to think differently about myself and my life. 
My experience with her was totally life-changing. It was the catalyst that catapulted me into the stratosphere of success in all areas of my career as well as my relationship with my family. I can´t recommend and thank her enough"

Peter (Investment Banker)

"Philippa is very resourceful and I love being in hypnosis with her, it´s always a wonderful journey. She genuinely cares about me and is always curious and knowledgeable. She has many tools that she uses to help me with the problem at hand. 
I have been seeing Philippa for over about a year, for different issues and I´m not ready to stop yet. I´m evolving into more acceptance of myself and addressing the things I need to change. I definitely recommend working with Philippa!"

Zineb (Artist & Painter)

"I had been smoking cigarettes for 14 months when I expressed my concerns to Pippa and requested treatment from her.
I had never experienced any form of cessation therapy before so this was new to me. Pippa was very attentive, she initially sent me a voice recording and I started thinking about some of the things that you don’t usually think about when you light up, especially after a few drinks.
Pippa then helped me to break certain patterns or habits that accompanied smoking and I reduced my intake before I managed to quit.
I had a  powerful face-to-face counselling / hypnotherapy session in the lead up to quitting. I had sent her some notes in advance about things that bothered me about smoking, like my fear of losing cardio capacity in cycling or swimming. I could see the time that Pippa had put in to prepare a special detailed program for my face-to-face session. I strongly recommend Pippa for smoking cessation therapy."

Amy (Marketing Professional, Palma and London)

Pippa truly opened my eyes and showed me that we can achieve and do anything that we want. 

I lived with the horrible emetophobia (the fear of vomiting) as long as I can remember. I felt like my body was a box that became filled with water and I could not escape. But no longer!

 I now feel free and curious about discovering what life has to offer and there is nothing stopping me.  I am much happier; I am confident; I am independent and I am forever grateful to Pippa.

This phobia completely paralyzed my life. I could not do anything at all, every aspect of my life would act as a trigger. I avoided pretty much everything which in turn caused me other problems, like social anxiety, etc. I often had the urge to run away and there were points in my life where I did not want to live anymore, despite having a good life otherwise. I would have severe panic attacks and doctors even diagnosed me with depression and gave some medication.

I was in therapy for years in different countries and whilst there might have been some positive effect from it, it often felt like a waste of time and I felt like it was not going anywhere.

I started losing hope. I started believing that this emetophobia is part of who I am, that it is a trait that I cannot change and most certainly not get rid of. This was also confirmed by, supposedly experts in the field, who told me that I was a lost case and that there is no point for me to go to therapy and that it is just something I had to live with.

Before Pippa I kept asking myself "Is life worth living with this handicap?" 


Pippa was the first to really explain to me what was going on with me. That this emetophobia is not a trait, it is a misprogrammed response and a belief that I have coded in my brain and that I can re-program it.

She was the first to give me hope, and I could finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. I have never met a practitioner that truly cares that much about his/her clients. Not only did she help me re-program my brain and realize that I am not afraid of throwing up, but she also gave me the confidence to believe in myself and how to live an enjoyable life, without being scared of every moment. Pippa knows and will teach you loads of such techniques. Today, of course, I do not find throwing up pleasant but if it would happen, I know that my body will feel better after. I also know that it is just a moment that will pass and that there is nothing to be afraid of. Instead of working against my body, I am now working with it. I feel light; every day might not be good but there is now definitely something good in everyday.


Emily (Investment Consultant UK) 

Specialist Transformational Treatments

Becoming Your Best Ever Self

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Anxiety Relief - Feel Safe & Smile Again!

You can be capable and calm

Whether you are suffering from social anxiety, performance anxiety, OCD-driven anxiety, or a form of more general anxiety, I can give you an array of tools to interrupt and overcome those anxious feelings and thoughts. Together we can put you back in control, lose the "fear of the fear" and develop your own ability to relax.

This program centres around helping you rediscover and more easily access your calm inner self to enable you to be empowered with the capability, coping strategies, and self-esteem that is needed to live in a place of inner acceptance and peace.

Utilizing hypnotherapeutic techniques alongside CBT, Mindfulness, ACT and NLP, you’ll remain fully in control throughout the process of uncovering what’s holding you back as well as learning new more effective ways to reprogram your central nervous system, and change your perspective and mindset to enable you to function more calmly and confidently in all areas of life and to enjoy a more profound and relaxed sleep.

A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended for effective results.

See " Anxiety HELP" For My Ultimate Anxiety Release Program

MORE than Just Talking 

Unburden and Overcome Your Challenges

A 60-minute one-to-one session alone with me, to enable you to unburden yourself and explore your own inner resources. Together we can unfold the solutions to your challenges, reprogram unhelpful unconscious responses, and overcome stuck states and past traumas.

As you make sense of your feelings and experiences you will learn about how to reveal and utilize all the possibilities that are available to you. Using a unique combination of various talking therapies (CBT, NLP, and Mindfulness) we can discover whatever it is that you need to know and do in order to achieve your own most desirable goals and outcomes.
These sessions are available as individual sessions or as part of a more highly recommended 6,12 or 16-session package.

download (15)-min.png
download (3)-min.png

Power Hour Session

Make deep, lasting changes

Access the limitless wealth of your unconscious mind

As a fully certified practitioner of this incredibly powerful technique, together we will integrate your conscious desires with your unconscious mind by entering your own private and unconscious landscape so that in just one session, you can activate massive internal shifts. 

Gentle and safe, this wonderful, interesting, and enjoyable procedure will enable you to unfold your inner resources and create positive behavioral changes that will continue, well beyond the treatment. Offering deep and long-lasting changes on all levels, this power hour session can be booked as a stand-alone treatment or requested as part of a more extensive 90-minute hypnotherapy session. 

It can also be carried out without fully disclosing the nature of your issue, within the total privacy of your own mind. 

Ideal for: Immune system support, increasing motivation and installing new skills, deactivating or reducing negative emotions and feelings, building upon your resource states, moving from pessimism to optimism and breaking free from depression, bursting out of stuck states and increasing creativity, problem-solving and unconscious insights, letting go of the past and traumas, resolving interpersonal conflict and determining real issues, creating a brighter and better future, facilitating self-growth and self-awareness and amplifying the efficacy of other therapies.


Breakthrough Burnout & Bounce  Into Brilliance 

Re-awaken Your Passion, Energy & Joy For Life

This is a special 3 month program for executives who have "efficiented themselves to death". Taking you on a guided path, I hold your hand and lead you out of overwhelm, stress, fatigue and burn out to a place of rediscovering your inner calm, resilience, patience and passion for life. 
Together we tackle 8 areas of your life:

  • Restore a healthy work life balance,

  • Master stress and give you anxiety coping skills,

  • Improve your sleep quality to wake up feeling refreshed & energised, ready to rock the day!

  • Improve your personal efficiency and productivity with time management and secrets to get more done in less time,

  • Clear your career pathway of fear and confusion that has been keeping you stuck or draining your energy,

  • Align your lifestyle with your values for a deep sense of meaning & purpose, so you feel genuinely happy about who you are

  • Enjoy communication coaching and learning strategies to assert healthy boundaries so you can form stronger personal and professional relationships and loving connections without resentment or continually failing to get your needs fully met. 

  • Explore and Rediscover Your Inner Passion And Motivation For Life

At the end of the 12 weeks you will feel restored and recharged and able to love life with a full heart once again. Find peace and enjoy living in the moment, with a new appreciation of your family, friends, career and lifestyle. 

Weight Release

Letting go of your struggles

This 6 session program uses a powerful and hypnotic process, combined with behavioral and emotionally regulatory techniques and practical strategies. You will make some major mindset shifts around your thinking patterns, motivation, habits, as well as tackling your unconscious self-sabotaging behaviors towards healthy eating and exercise.
Together, we can explore and remove the inner obstacles that you believe have been holding you back so that we can successfully focus and implement what´s necessary in order to become a slimmer and happier version of yourself.

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Stop Smoking

Access Your Inner Powers

Delve into your unconscious mind to reprogram your thinking patterns and behaviours to become more able to lift the mental blocks stopping you from being an ex smoker.
The hypnotic state makes it much easier to explore painful thoughts, feelings, or memories and to start working to overcome them. Utilizing a range of techniques, we can achieve remarkably effective results in just one or two sessions. 
If you are ready to be a non-smoker, then you may want to contact me today to book a consultation and begin your new life.

Phobia freedom

You Are in Calm Control

Using a powerful hypnotherapeutic, nlp and CBT combination, we can build up and rediscover your currently disrupted mind-body link to fight your fears and rewire your anxious brain.  You’ll enter a trance-like state that will give you heightened focus and concentration, making it easier to help you regain control, perspective and to conquer those troubles that have been holding you back. Not only can we often reset and correct your feelings and bodily responses associated to the cause of your fear, but I can teach you a whole range of tools to begin implementing in anxious situations in all areas of your life. Depending upon the phobia type, we can sometimes overcome your challenge in one single session. For more complex phobias such as emetophobia, however, this can take several sessions. To find out how I can assist you further, please book a fifteen minute consultation call with me.

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Addiction Release &  Self-Destructive Habit Reversal

Regain your control of your life

Master the three powerful secrets to setting yourself free from addictions and self destructive habits, without endless willpower struggles, continually worrying about relapse or spending years in therapy.

You’ll remain fully in control throughout the process of uncovering what’s holding you back as well as exploring how to end your own inner wars.

Together we can reprogram your unconsciously driven needs and begin to unite all parts of you in a peaceful way, so that you are helping yourself to succeed instead of indulging in sabotaging thinking patterns and behaviors.
This treatment program also incorporates conscious techniques and coping strategies that you can implement immediately, to give you the skills you need to beat cravings and urges, reduce anxiety, dispute negative thoughts, and avoidance behaviors as well as addressing and dealing with the underlying causes, traumas or  unmet needs that lie behind your undesirable habits.
This program is recommended as a 12 session package

Improve Self Esteem & Discover Your True Naturally Confident Self

You Are More Than Enough

You are good enough and always have been, and this program aims to catapult you beyond this, into a place of self acceptance, inner peace and love.  

Using a combination of talking therapy, hypnotherapy and practical strategies, we will explore your mind-body link to improve self esteem and build the 8 secret skills of true self-confidence to help you to  start seeing the results you have been seeking.

Together we can uncover and destroy the limiting beliefs and inner stories that you have been engaging with inside of your mind, to allow us to reprogram and shift your self-defeating mindset, remove those self-doubts and quiet the negative voices that may have been holding you back. This program is part of a 12 session package.

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Depression Relief

See the light and find your hope

Hypnotherapy helps you to unfold your own inner resources. You can rediscover that light inside of you and shine again, to see yourself moving into a hope-filled future ahead. By delving into your unconscious mind, we can explore and remove any mental blocks and enable you to see with greater clarity.
The hypnotic state makes it much easier to explore painful thoughts, feelings or memories and to start working to overcome them. 
We will also explore CBT techniques and mindfulness strategies, to enable you to regain a more focused clarity on reality, dispute any distorted thought patterns and thinking loops and enable you to feel empowered enough to move out of this state of mind and into a much more progressive and capable state.

This is a program with a recommended minimum 6 sessions.

download (12).png

Sports performance enhancement

Harness Your Inner Power And Excel At Your Chosen Sport

Delve into the unconscious mind to shift the mental blocks that may have been holding you back. The hypnotic mindset allows you to unite and integrate your unconscious mind along with your conscious desires, to enable your mind to instruct your body with a much greater degree of control and skill.
Whether you wish to improve your golf swing, elevate your running stamina or increase your ability to tolerate discomfort and stress, together, we can unite your desires with your inner mind to achieve new heights in all of the areas that you wish to excel. This program is a 3 session package with a tailored instruction of self-hypnotic techniques that once learned, can be utilized for life, as and when you need them.

Inner Parts Therapy

Uncover The Healing Power Of Your Inner Self

Delve into your unconscious mind to access your true wonderful inner self, where you can discover your own ability to engage with all of your own inner parts.
When we uncover our inner world, we open ourselves up for deep healing from past hurts and traumas, greater understanding and acceptance of ourselves and true inner peace. This gentle exploration, unburdening and witnessing of our own centre, enables us to uncover and strengthen our concept of self and to unfold our own inner resources so that we can become our own inner parent.
Through this process, we can become enabled and empowered to lead ourselves through the challenges of life that we have been facing as well as to overcome our stormy or troubled histories to heal our own inner child and put our pasts behind us where they truly belong. 
These sessions can be booked individually or as part of a 3,6 or 12 session package.

download (13).png
download (14).png

Hypnotic Life Coaching - Live Your Dream Goals

Achieve, Grow, Evolve, Win !

Transform your world with my life evolution coaching services. You will become You version 2.0 over a 10-month period, as we include a whole range of progressive and solution-based techniques and exercises to help you overcome life's challenges, clearing away any unconscious blockages and limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back from more easily achieving your goals and dreams. We meet for exciting monthly sessions in person or online to brainstorm together, and explore and unfold your own inner resources, opportunities, and inner desires to reveal what you really want out of life, your life purpose, and how to get there.

Inside this program, you will discover a mixture of practical exercises mixed with hypnotherapy visualizations and techniques, including self-hypnosis, to reprogram your unconscious mind and integrate this with your conscious desires so that all the parts of you are working together on a deeper level, to notice whatever you need to notice to more effortlessly achieve your goals.

Also included in this period is a weekly what's ap check-in, where I am available and online to support you with any extra guidance that you may need.

Hypnotherapy Discovery Session

You Are in Control

A 90-minute session designed to uncover and unfold your own inner resources. Using the hypnotic mindset, you are able to enter a trance-like state, where you can access a wonderfully heightened focus and concentration alongside a more relaxed and receptive mindset. This state offers you the ability to see things with more clarity and to easily overcome any blockages or challenges that you have been facing, so that you can move forward and achieve your most desireable goals or regain a better control of your life.
These sessions are available as individual sessions or as part of 4,6 or 12 treatment package.
To explore the concept of hypnotherapy and uncover exactly what it is and what it isn´t, please feel free to visit my FAQ page to learn more.

download (17)-1.png

All Sessions Available Online

Experience rapid change from the comfort of your own surroundings

Enjoy the luxury of engaging in a session or treatment from the privacy and comfort of your own home, whilst holidaying away or even in your work place. Online hypnotherapy and online talking therapy sessions can be held just as effectively as in-person treatments, and are done via zoom video call so that you can fully engage and participate at your own convenience and in your own chosen surroundings.

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"Once you choose hope, anything is possible"

Cristopher Reeve

Together we can find your inner freedom

Discover the power of hypnotherapy. Book your first consultation now.

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