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Metamorphosis, 30 days to change

Daily support for rapid results. For busy people. Intensive, personal and private online sessions.

  • 25 min
  • Carrer Gran Via

Service Description

What do you want to achieve in life? What do you believe is stopping you? This 30 day special private program is everything you need to get it done: Daily accountability, mindset coaching, encouragement AND massive support. ⭐Designed to adapt with you so you CAN keep moving towards your goals with ease, WITHOUT the stress of adding even more tasks into your busy schedule. ⭐ Forget trying to self drive, using will power alone or trying to find time for long therapy sessions!! Starting with one 60 minute session to set goals, obtain clarity on obstacles and engage action plans, we progress onto daily 25 minute sessions, powerful, guided, and internally focused techniques and practical tools to gently and rapidly reprogram your current autopilot responses to the world. This flexible schedule adapts to you, so we regularly assess what you need and adjust the schedule accordingly. Have the peace of mind of knowing you have my personal daily help, encouragement and support. Regulate your nervous system, change your feelings, alter unhelpful automatic thoughts and behaviours the easy way, by working with your brain's limbic system to reprogram your unconscious responses and activate real life behavioural shifts. Creat new neural pathways of optimism, motivation and success as well as enabling new coping strategies for all stress. Build wonderful new habits to help you to succeed in overcoming those every day challenges, big or small! This package is designed to help you to: ✅ Overcome The Stresses Of Management Or Intense Job Repsonsibilities ✅ Grow Your Self Confidence or Self-Esteem ✅ Beat Procrastination & Enjoy Work Project Support ✅ Say Goodbye To Imposter Syndrome ✅ Release Anxiety & Depression ✅ Let Go Of Shyness, Social or Performance Anxiety ✅ Move Beyond Perfectionsim & Fear of Failure ✅ Stop Self-Sabotage behaviours (such as excessive drinking, overeating or gambling) Together we keep you focused and on track to continually physically move towards your own desired outcomes. In each micro-powered session we work together to tackle your day ahead and shift you out of any unhelpful states of mind, as well as re-energising and remotivating you to stay on track for your own personal goal success. Experience personalised strategies and unconscious reprogramming. Learn to process feelings and reconnect mind and body to work in harmony with each other, to give yourself the love, ease and care you really deserve. ❤ Price : 1,500 Euros

Cancellation Policy

Due to my schedule being very busy and some clients already waiting to be seen, if you need to cancel an appointment, please contact me as soon as possible to do so and certainly at least 24 hours before hand, to allow another client the opportunity to take your place. Thank you so much.

Contact Details

  • Pippa´s Clinical Hypnotherapy, CBT & Talking Therapy, Carrer Gran Via, El Toro, Spain

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