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Be FREE with EASE™ & Get Control

STOP Self-Sabotage Behaviour In 60 Days or Less: Release & Replace Addictions & Destructive Habits

  • 1 h
  • Carrer Gran Via

Service Description

No matter how intelligent or successful we may be, we are ALL succeptable to developing self- destructive habits, especially if we have been repeatedly hijacking the pleasure, motivation and reward centres of our brains. So if you struggle with any self-destructive behaviours such as : ✅ Binge Drinking & Overindulgence ✅ Excessive Partying & Substance Abuse ✅ Compulsive Gambling Habits ✅ Shopping Or Spending Addictions ✅ Social Media & Screen Addiction ⭐ You don't need to cope alone or battle with yourself daily. There is a much easier way. ❤ ⭐ "Free with Ease" is my 12 week intensive, private & confidential online program to give you the support, tools & skills you need to get back in control of yourself and your life AND maintain lasting freedom. ⭐ Without stressful willpower struggles! ⭐ Enjoy accountability, encouragement AND massive support from week to week to target and improve all areas of your life. ⭐ Increase your natural motivation and drive, regulate your nervous system, develop effective coping skills and rewire your brain, to claim back your sense of self worth and pride, salvage and repair broken relationships and wake up smiling and feeling much happier about being yourself. By activating powerful, internally focused techniques, perception shifts, practical tools and personalised strategies, we are able to gently and rapidly reprogram your current unhelpful, automatic thoughts and self-hbehavioural responses to the world. We work with your brain's limbic system to reprogram unconscious responses, activating real life behavioural shifts... without the misery of inner wars, or feeling like you have a prison warden and a devil inside of your head. This flexible schedule adapts to you, so we regularly assess what you need and adjust the schedule accordingly. Have the peace of mind of knowing you have full access to my personal support, help and encouragement each week and as needed along the way. Together we build wonderful new habits, coping skills and solutions to help you succeed in overcoming every day challenges, keeping you focused and on track to physically keep moving towards YOUR own desired outcomes, (whether that it is to totally stop or cut right back) By processing all feelings, reconnecting mind and body to work in harmony with each other, you can give yourself the love and the care you really deserve. ❤ Price : 2,400 Euros NB - For heavy alcohol or drug use, medical supervision may also be necessary.

Cancellation Policy

Due to my schedule being very busy and some clients already waiting to be seen, if you need to cancel an appointment, please contact me as soon as possible to do so and certainly at least 24 hours before hand, to allow another client the opportunity to take your place. Thank you so much.

Contact Details

  • Pippa´s Clinical Hypnotherapy, CBT & Talking Therapy, Carrer Gran Via, El Toro, Spain

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