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FREE - Self - Healing - a trance-forming bedtime meditation - The Healing Tree

FREE - Self - Healing - a trance-forming bedtime meditation - The Healing Tree

A free to download, peaceful, hypnotic sleep aid, ideal for adults and children (age 7 up). 


This beautiful hypnotic meditation is specially crafted, using gentle binaural beats music set at theta brainwave frequency and with metaphor and storytelling style to help you to drift off into a deep, peaceful, and transforming sleep. The healing tree is a way to encourage your mind to attend and regulate your immune system and reveal ways to help yourself to self care and heal from the inside out. 


Encouraging a gentle drifting off to sleep and sound slumber with a peaceful and easy relaxing of the body and the mind. This meditation includes binaural music set at theta brainwave frequency, which enables the brain to synchronise to its natural rhythm for deep meditational states, creativity, intuition and imagination enhancement, insights, and dream state.

Theta brainwaves assist to create mind and body healing, a boosting of the immune system, inducing deep levels of relaxation alongside reducation in stress and anxiety. This frequency also provides an enhanced ability to program your mind, allowing helpful suggestions to be absorbed on a deeper level.


Taken from my butterfly lullaby collection, this wonderful bedtime audio will hypnotically reinforce self-worth and resilience. Each meditation will fully engage little or not so little imaginations, to strengthen concentration and focus, and substantially increasing body and mind connection through mindful breathing, imagination and self-awareness.


With a "choose your own adventure style", these meditations each use hypnotic therapeutic language and techniques and can be played at night just as you or your child are falling asleep.


You may want to order fully personalized and unique meditations incorporating your own name, as well as family members, with a focus on your current interests, desires or passions, with specific content to strengthen your ability to really enjoy activities, increase performance, or where you need or want extra support, motivation and success (sports, career, concentration, memory, playing music for example) or to heal specific and targeted issues that require some gentle deep healing and affirmation to resolve. 


If you would like to request one of these, please contact me directly so that I can be of further assistance. 

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