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Order Your Own Fully Personalized, Trance-forming Bedtime Meditation

Order Your Own Fully Personalized, Trance-forming Bedtime Meditation

Why not, treat yourself or your family, to the gift of peaceful and trance-forming sleep?


You can enjoy and own your very own fully personalized butterfly lullaby 🤩🥰😴


Each meditation is carefully crafted and tailored especially for you and / or your loved ones to overcome and master any challenges, achieve greater goals or dreams and more easily drift into a deeper and more helpful quality of sleep. ❤


You are just one step away from ordering a beautiful and fully personalized hypnotic bedtime meditation that can really help yourself or someone you love to start living more of the life that they want.

Simply click to purchase and you will receive a form via email to order one of these carefully crafted meditations just for you. 


Within 7 days of returning the order form, you will receive your very own special and totally unique butterfly lullaby.


Each recording is 20 minutes long, and includes gentle binaural beats music to aid with synchronizing the brain to its own natural rhythm for deep sleep, creativity and body and mind repair.


Your personalized recording will be sent directly to your preferred email in an MP3 version and is licensed only for your personal use, to download and share for yourself and the listener.


It is not licensed to you for resale, to redistribute commercially or for any promotional or marketing purposes.

Should you wish to use the recording in any commercial way, please contact me to obtain written permission or to upgrade your existing license to allow you to do so.


If you have any further questions you can book a complementary call with me here :

Click here to : Book a call 


I am very much looking forward to helping you to achieve that life transforming slumber and moving closer to your own life goals. 

  • Order form - please fill out and send with payment

    In order to create your personalized audio recording please fill out and send the following digital form, alongside your order. Thank you :) 

    Click here to : Fill out order form 

90,00 €Price
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