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Magical Memory Training

Magical Memory Training

Want to improve your memory and stimulate your brain?


It is well known, that keeping your mind and body active helps to give you a long and happy life.


Just enjoying 30 minutes of physical exercise 3-4 times a week can help to keep Alzheimer's at bay. 


But what about your brain?


Making sure your mind is stimulated is also an important part of keeping your brain healthy and strong. If you have retired, struggle with your memory, or find you are not using your mind as much as you would like, then these little exercises are going to be perfect for you. 


Enjoy giving your brain an easy and powerful "memory workout", by engaging and lighting up specific areas of your brain, to activate your imagination, and senses, improve your memory powers, and stimulate your brain. 


Today´s neuroscience shows us that "neurons that fire together wire together", and this program utilizes this to activate and stimulate circuits in your brain.


Based upon the genius works of Robert Masters & Jean Houston (PhD) - (Psychotherapists and philosophers who were pioneers of the "human potential movement" and the founders of the great "Foundation for Mind Research". They dedicated their entire lives to studying the science behind extraordinary people who were capable of incredible things)

These easy audios are such a relaxing and beautiful way to enjoy priming your own memory banks, and helping to re-connect neural circuits that are responsible for both your long and short-term memory. 


This package includes a zip folder to instantly own & digitally download, where you will discover :


  • PDF of Instructions (easy and simple)
  • 7 x Audios of 15 minutes to rotate and use a different one for each day of the week
  • 1 x Christmas special audio 
  • 2 x Short Bonus, long-term memory stimulation exercises



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