FREE - Butterfly Lullaby - a trance-forming sleep meditatation

FREE - Butterfly Lullaby - a trance-forming sleep meditatation

A free to download, peaceful, hypnotic sleep aid, ideal for children and young adults (age 7 up). 


This beautiful hypnotic meditation is specially crafted for young minds, using gentle binaural beats music with metaphor and storytelling style to help them to drift off into a deep, peaceful, and transforming sleep. If you enjoy this sample I have many more available to buy. 


Taken from my butterfly lullaby collection and specifically designed to help anxious little minds reframe the concept of uncertainty, this wonderful bedtime audio will hypnotically strengthen their belief in their own ability to cope with life´s challenges, as well as including reinforcement of self-worth and resilience, as well as space for them to perfectly practice their own favorite past time, and a reaffirming of their family´s unconditional love. 


With a "choose your own adventure style", these meditations use hypnotic therapeutic language and techniques to strengthen the bonds between parent and child, and the butterfly lullaby collection can be played at night just as your child is falling asleep.


You can also order fully personalized and unique meditations incorporating your child´s own name, as well as names of family members, and focused and themed on their current interests or passions, with specific content to strengthen their ability to really enjoy activities or where they need or want extra support (sports, reading, concentration, playing music) or to heal specific and targeted issues that they require some gentle deep healing and affirmation to resolve. 


Encouraging a gentle drifting off to sleep and sound slumber with a peaceful and easy relaxing of the body and the mind. Each meditation will fully engage little or not so little imaginations, to strengthen concentration and focus, and substantially increasing body and mind connection through mindful breathing and self-awareness.


This meditation includes binaural music set at delta brainwave frequency, which assists to create deep sleep, dream status, and body repair. I also have other versions of the same meditation, which are available with music set at theta brainwave frequency, the brain's natural rhythm for deep meditational states, creativity and imagination enhancement, insights, and dream state.


I can also offer other versions, available upon request, with simple relaxing background music (without any trance-inducing binaural beats) and also, for those who prefer, a version without any music at all.


If you would like to request one of these alternative products, please contact me directly so that I can be of further assistance. 

  • Tailor made mediatations uniquely crafted for you

    A wonderful gift for your own child or for a friend, these lullabies can also be fully personalized with the child´s favourite theme, ideas, and names of family members.

    These uniquely tailored lullabies are crafted as a hypnotic aid to gently and subtly help children with more specific anxieties, such as stage fright, social anxieties, phobias, or any other challenges that the child faces that they need some gentle assistance to overcome.

    Through mental rehearsal in these relaxed states, these meditations can help them improve their performance in many other activities such as reading, dancing, and sports.  Please contact me for more information about these uniquely personalized lullabies for your child. 


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