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Zoom workshop

Worry less, Live More - Put your name on the waitlist

Bring along your worry, so that you can leave it all behind with me! In this online 90 min workshop, you can experience rapid change for yourself :)

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Worry less, Live More - Put your name on the waitlist
Worry less, Live More - Put your name on the waitlist

Time & Location

Time is TBC

Zoom workshop

About the event

Do you want to feel better about yourself and your worries and concerns? 


Join me for just 90 minutes in this online, live, and interactive workshop, to practice and learn how to apply some amazingly easy and effective mind training techniques and tools directly into your own life.

At the end of just 90 minutes, you will have the tools and skills you need to :

  • Feel calmer & more easily dissolve anxious or unhelpful feelings
  • Be more in control of your thoughts, feelings & actions
  • Handle overwhelming feelings and emotions 
  • Have more general self-awareness and self-control from day to day
  • Know how to focus to take more control of your life and your future
  • Have some simple ways to change your brain so that you can enjoy feeling better about yourself and your life
  • Make your goals more attainable by recoding your brain to accept them as certain outcomes

I will reveal and share : 

  •  3 highly effective techniques for stopping, interrupting, and dissolving anxious feelings and sensations 

  • Feelings Surfing  - A powerful self-reflection technique. You can easily learn, master, and use this yourself at home. Practice surfing just once or twice a week to gain better emotional regulation and self-awareness. You can stop reacting and regretting your life actions, as you improve your natural ability to regulate your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Interact with your loved ones, your work colleagues, your friends, and real-life situations in the world in a much calmer, intentional, and rational way.

  • Learn the 3 unique, very special gifts that we all have as human beings and how you can begin to use these to build and create the exact life you really want. 

  • Discover 3, simple and easy ways to start changing your own natural default brain settings, as I uncover some of the brain science behind the law of attraction and law of attention so that you can start to use this to more of your own personal advantage.   

  • Recode your brain to accept and naturally magnetize towards the things you want in life as more certain outcomes. 

All of the techniques you will learn in this workshop have been scientifically tested and have evidence-based effective results. None of them involve meditation and all of them can be practically applied inside of your life.

Does this sound like something that would be of value to you? 

Hurry today, and get your ticket to join me, for only 9 Euros!  

I am looking forward to connecting with you soon :) 


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