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Time is TBD


Emotional Heroes Chat Workshop

Want to Learn Some Rapid Change Therapy Tools To Help Your Own Family?

Join me in a 60 min workshop to turn your family into emotional superheroes⚡ Looking for ways to end family conflicts, lower anxiety, build grit & improve family bonds. In just 1 hour, you can learn how to transform your family and your life. Engaging ways to open up communication in your home :)

Want to Learn Some Rapid Change Therapy Tools To Help Your Own Family?

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Emotional Heroes Chat Workshop


About the event

Engaging and easy to learn, these rapid change techniques are ways for you to help your family by opening up important conversations, overcoming anxious or unhelpful feelings and using all emotions in a whole new way. 

Ideal to apply these tools and techniques with everyone (age 6 up), to help your family to develop:-

  • Unshakeable resilience. 
  • Life Coping Skills 
  • Better Understanding And Control Of Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours 
  • Lower Anxiety Levels 
  • Fewer Squabbles 
  • Improved Communication Skills 
  • Stronger Love, Connection & Trust 

Learn how to encourage and develop your family´s emotional intelligence, to overcome and help a whole range of challenges and difficulties. 

You can also meet and connect with like-minded families, and engage and interact, as we share thoughts, ideas and strategies with others through our forum. Pre-register right here, using the RSVP button & attached form, and be sure to let me know your time zone so that I can organize my workshops to suit you. 

If you can´t make any of the workshops, I can send you a video copy of the workshop and home printables by email.


Why not join our FB group now? CLICK HERE TO JOIN  Joining this group of amazing families will allow you to become part of our collective movement, making a difference in our world.  Together we really matter ⚡

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