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Self Paced Course & Weekly Group Zoom Calls

⭐ Grow Self Control Super Powers - The Secret Recipe Revealed ⭐

A self-paced program to take you from zero to hero in just 7 weeks. Master your own natural self-control - because your life is to be enjoyed not endured :)

⭐ Grow Self Control Super Powers - The Secret Recipe Revealed ⭐
⭐ Grow Self Control Super Powers - The Secret Recipe Revealed ⭐

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Self Paced Course & Weekly Group Zoom Calls

About the event

What would your life look like if you had more natural self-control? 

How would you feel about yourself if you could stop beating yourself up, and more easily stop giving in to your urges or cravings? How would it be if you could really enjoy doing more to reach your goals?

This is for you if you want some support and help with:-

  • Stopping Overeating
  • Addiction Recovery (e.g. Gambling, Narcotics, Smoking, Drinking, Shopping or Binging on electronics - TV, Gaming, Social Media etc)
  • Ending Procrastination 
  • Motivation to enjoy doing more in your life 
  • Controlling your overreactions to life situations and events
  • Understanding all of your feelings and using unhelpful feelings in a more productive way
  • Being Proactive about building the type of life and close relationships that you want

Whatever you want to have or to master in life, I´m sure that you already know you need some level of self-control, in order to get there. 

This structured 7-week, self-paced program consists of short, engaging online and interactive videos, fun mind-training exercises, self-reflection workbooks, and journal prompts, along with easy to enjoy, beautiful audio recordings that will help you to build up your own natural ability to develop your own inner powers of natural self-control. 

Unwrapping the secret recipe that gives you those natural powers, without continually focusing on struggling with yourself to stop your unwanted behaviors or reactions, this program focuses on nurturing and supporting you through a journey of awakening to self truths, self-awareness, and self-mastery.  

Through helping yourself in other ways, you can naturally begin to feel and think differently about yourself, what you want in life and to find yourself being more easily driven towards your goals in a productive way without experiencing a miserable inner struggle inside.  

  • Lots Of Secret Tools, Tips, And Techniques To Enjoy More Self Control
  • How To Cultivate Your Own Natural And Necessary Threshold For Wanting to Make Real Life Changes 
  • How To Easily Develop Your Own "Free Will" Muscle Power 
  • How To naturally "Feel Differently" About The Things You Want To Stop Doing Or Start Doing
  • Focusing On Your Real Unmet Needs & Implementing Better Strategies To Satisfy Them 
  • How To Stop Giving In To Your Cravings & Urges
  • How To Start Understanding And Reacting To Your Triggers In A Brand New Way
  • How To Translate, Process and Utilise All Your Feelings To Help You Progress In Life (Instead Of Self-Sabotaging)
  • How To Build Your Self Belief & Charge Up Your Self Esteem Battery 
  • How To Program Yourself For Success, Set And Maintain Intentional Mindsets And Use Your Emotions To Feel More Amazing About Yourself And Your Life Each Day

⭐Comes with full access to my private, members-only "Feelings 911" private podcast to help yourself shift out of unhelpful feelings (using short hypnotic or mind training audios for rapid change experiences), as well as giving you private access to regular group zoom calls for my personal attention and care.  

The techniques used here all come from clinical and conversational hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP & Mindfulness and are scientifically proven as hugely effective methods and strategies for instigating real-life changes. 

If you want to put your name on the list for this program please RSVP and I will email you a private invitation to purchase at a special rate as soon as it launches. 

Looking forward to meeting you there :) 

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