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Time is TBD


Zoom - 90 mins. live & interactive session

Secrets of Stress Success : 🤩 Transform your natural stress responses to enjoy a happier life!

💪 Want to use your daily stress as a healthy resource? Begin to change your feelings & natural stress responses in this 90-minute interactive workshop. 😊 Discover an easier & natural way to enjoy stress relief, better performance, resilience, superior health, and happiness across your life.

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Secrets of Stress Success : 🤩 Transform your natural stress responses to enjoy a happier life!

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Zoom - 90 mins. live & interactive session

About the event

⭐ Did you know that the latest science tells us that not all stress is bad for our health?

Changing the way that we feel and respond to our daily stresses can have a hugely positive impact on our health, influence our productivity, and increase our happiness:

✅ Feel Calmer & More Capable Of Coping In Your Life

✅ Perform At Work Or At Home With More Focus 

✅ Be More In Control Of Your Emotional States

✅ Find A More Natural Way To Relieve Your Stress Instead Of Smoking, Drinking, or Overeating

✅ Stop Feeling Aged From Excessive Stress

✅ Take Everything Your Stride 

✅ Handle Your Daily Issues In A More Helpful & Constructive Way

⭐This 90-minute interactive experience will help you to transform your natural responses to your daily stress, as well as shift your entire thinking around stress, so that you can start to enjoy greater relief, more emotional control, and feel able to use your own stress to help you move towards a happier and more carefree life. 

⭐Uncovering the secret recipe for optimum stress management, "Recognise, Relieve, Release & Respond" we take an interactive deep dive into your personal self-awareness, self-care, boundaries, and unmet needs, as well as accessing your own strength-building resources so that you can begin to change your own natural feelings and stress responses. 

  • Discover how stress is healthy for us in the right amounts 
  • Learn what to do and what not to do to handle your daily stress more effectively
  • Change the way you behave and think around your triggers
  • 3 Tiny things you can do each day that will boost your happiness and make a huge difference to how you feel about life
  • Learn some highly effective breathing and grounding techniques to handle overwhelming feelings 
  • Learn how to work with your own feelings and transform them using "metaphoria" an exciting rapid energy shifting process that creates rapid and instant unconscious changes.

Bonus Materials :

⭐ Printable sheets for optimum results during the workshop

⭐ Recording of the event to rewatch and enjoy a lifetime access 

⭐The Magical hand experience audio recording (a grounding technique you can use anytime, anywhere) 

⭐Hypnotic Success Stress Relief, audio recording, a journey of transformation 

⭐Assess, reveal and heal your own unmet needs (an interactive take-home workbook to complete at your own pace)

⭐Feelings surfing - a powerful interactive self-awareness and self-reflection exercise (booklet, audio recording and cheat sheet) 

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