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Safe & Smile:) The Ultimate Anxiety Cure

Feel fully supported, annihilating your anxiety together with me

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 1300 euros
  • Carrer Gran Via

Service Description

The ultimate treatment to target & heal anxious feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. (For all types of anxiety, general anxiety, social anxiety, anxiety-based addictions, phobias, performance anxiety, unwanted nervous habits, OCD, perfectionism, and more.) Utilizing a whole range of highly effective techniques, scientifically designed and proven, with powerful, evidence-based results. Together we can make anxiety, a thing of your past. Suitable for all ages, this intensive treatment includes 10 online sessions (once a week or two weeks) depending on progress. Sessions are 90 mins - 2 hours long. Designed to set you free and to allow you to start living the life you really want, this rapid change program focuses on 7 key areas to reprogram your anxious feelings, behaviors, and thinking spirals and to help you to start doing your own way out of your prison. 1) Safety Phase Instant relief and stability, as you will learn simple, powerful ways to diffuse & interrupt anxious feelings & thoughts. Easy ways to build these into your life and an exploration of how you are "doing" your anxiety, (triggers, scope & parameters of issues). We will get you off the problem path and on the solutions path instead. Leave the very first session already feeling hopeful and most likely already noticing an emotional shift. 2) We uncover the strategies to grow your true awareness and practically apply these directly into your life. With practice, in a short time, you will become able to control & direct your momentary awareness (how, where, and when you focus) so that you can notice and swap your unhelpful observations and habits for helpful ones instead. 3) Examine behaviors that hinder your recovery and build up your own capability and confidence to start "Doing" your way out of your anxiety. You can be excited to start making actual life changes and feel proud of what you achieve. 4) Altering your perception of your memories to use your own inner resources to heal past wounds, move on from anxiety-causing traumas and begin to love yourself enough to feel capable & whole. 5) Creating hope and expectation of the future. Powerful techniques to dispute and replace your catastrophic thinking and learn to use your imagination in a more helpful way. 6) Symbolism & recoding of your mind. Shifting your internal and external voice. Creating helpful new symbols & states of mind. 7) Self Care and self-value & self-esteem boosting. Learn to feel good about yourself.

Cancellation Policy

Due to my schedule being very busy and some clients already waiting to be seen, if you need to cancel an appointment, please contact me as soon as possible to do so and certainly at least 24 hours before hand, to allow another client the opportunity to take your place. Thank you so much.

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