How much quality sleep are you really getting?

Updated: Aug 1

Do you really know how much you are sleeping lately? 🤔
This little chart is showing us how much sleep we really need. ⬇
I´m sure that you already know how important sleep is for maintaining our health, and many of us believe that we are sleeping for many hours of the night, but the reality is, that not all quality of sleep is equal. So, what does this mean? Well... ⭐Different hours and times of our sleep cycles produce different reactions in the body and so this means that certain types of sleep have a greater effect on healing, our immune system activity, removal of the day´s toxic neuro waste from the brain, and general body and mind repair. For instance, the latest science now shows us that our metabolism speeds up slightly at around 10 pm - 1 am at night (relative to our own time zone and body clock), and it does this ready to maximize the removal of the neuro waste in our brain. If we are already sleeping when this happens, then we maximize the efficiency of this waste removal in our bodies and give ourselves the most effective and healing quality of sleep.

However, if we are still awake during this time, then we might often feel, sense or notice our metabolic rate rising, but we can mistakenly recognize this as a "second wind" and so we may push ourselves right through this time period, staying up later, eating more food or becoming socially active during this time, simply because we mistakenly interpret this feeling as a "burst of late energy".

When we do this, we not only miss out on the premium opportunity that our body is offering us to recharge our batteries to their fullest potential, but we also experience far less effective neuro waste removal out of our bodies as a result. (i.e. a much poorer quality of sleep) ⭐Do you dream a lot?

Recent scientific studies now show that when we experience intense dreaming activity it often disturbs our sleep cycles, and this can even end up being one of the contributing factors to depression. A depression sufferer may often believe that they are sleeping much more than normal, but in reality, they may be having a much lower quality of sleep. When we dream more than normal, we may not spend enough time inside the necessary stages of sleep to remove sufficient neurotoxins from the brain. We need to remove these toxins, in order to be and feel able to function well the next day. The result can be waking up with low energy and low mood, going through the following day with excessive anxiety and rumination, which then causes an even greater neurotoxic build-up from this daytime struggle in the mind. (The greater the anxious thinking, the greater the neuron activity, which means more toxins are being produced than normal.) Excessive dreams can be a product of this excessive neuro waste in the brain that is left behind at night, and then this goes on to cause even more dream activity and sleep disturbances on the following night. 🙄 This cycle can be self-perpetuating and without intervention can cause mild to serious health issues, as well as a possible continuous cycle of depression. ⭐So even if you do believe that you are having a full night of rest, it's always a good idea to fully assess yours and to keep on looking at the ways you might be able to increase your own quality of sleep, as well as ensuring that you are getting an adequate number of hours. To help you to assess, here are some warning signs that may indicate that you could be regularly suffering from low quality, disturbed, or insufficient sleep:
  • You already feel exhausted when you wake up in the morning

  • You might struggle to control your anxious thoughts and feelings during the day and evening

  • You feel over-emotional and may find yourself easily overreacting to things, later, you might often feel regretful of your actions

  • You just can´t seem to lose weight and have no energy to exercise or get going with healthy food prep

  • You might feel overwhelmed by the thoughts of having to do lots of things throughout the day

  • You may feel like you have no motivation or self-drive to take action and to deal with life´s humdrum events

  • You are snappy, irritable, impatient, or easily quick to anger others

  • You are worrying and overthinking about many things in the day and especially at night

  • You are struggling with immune system issues, like skin complaints, digestion problems, or other health concerns

  • You regularly sleep through your alarm and just can´t seem to get yourself up and out of bed early enough

Whilst some of these symptoms can be a result of other factors, besides lack of quality sleep, if any of this is sounding familiar, then it might be a good idea to take a closer look at your sleep patterns and to address any possible sleep issues as soon as you possibly can. Lack of sleep not only ages you more rapidly but can cause many other severe health issues as well. Without an adequate amount of regular quality sleep, you can run the risk of cancers, heart disease, depression, anxiety, diabetes, weight gain, memory loss, Alzheimer's, and even premature death. Click here to receive your FREE sleep cheat sheet and action plan.
This has a summary of some very important points that you can physically and mentally check and address, in order to start to give yourself a better quality of sleep If you do struggle with getting sleep then do keep reading because this week´s Sunday Secrets focus on sharing some great techniques to help you get to sleep more easily. 😴

✨Here Are Some Little Secrets To Falling Asleep Without Effort 😊 If you do struggle to get to sleep, very often the more you “try”, the harder it can just become. When your mind stops you from sleeping, and you find that it refuses to consciously switch off, then here are some little but powerful techniques you can begin to use to turn off your thoughts and really relax your body ready for quality sleep.🥰 A key part of falling asleep more easily is to understand that you cannot consciously “think” your way out of “thoughts”. It is often necessary to use your senses and feelings or your imagination, to interrupt your busy thought stream and the "overthinking" activity that is occurring in your mind. 😌